DREAM #3 / 2015 / 16" x 20”/ $150.00

DREAM #3 – This is 3rd in a series of ‘dream’ paintings I created. It’s not so much about recreating a dream but more about imagining dream lands… This painting is a mixture of light and heavy textures and is made for touching which brings an element of surprise and fun to the creation.

DREAM #3 / 16" x 20"

BLEEDING TIDE / 2014 / 12" x 12" / $75.00

The beauty of abstract works is that everyone is free to see whatever their imaginations can conjure..

BLEEDING TIDE / 12" x 12"

HIDE AND SEEK / 2017 / 24" x 30" / $650.00
There are so many wonderful textures, nooks and crannies, areas of movement to touch and explore with this piece. The selection of colors and the combinations created when I blended them makes this a stunning, visual treat. An added bonus is that you can hang this artwork 4 different ways to enjoy 4 different visuals.

HIDE AND SEEK / 24" x 30"

EMERGING / 2015 / 18" x 24" /$450.00
So many women struggle to be seen even as society is determined to keep them hidden. Emerging is for every woman who makes it into the light – to our own selves be true.

EMERGING / 18" x 24"

DREAM #2 / 2014 / 36" x 24" / $600.00
In my dreams, somewhere, this place exists…

DREAM #2 / 36" x 24"

MEMORY LANES / THE BLACK & WHITE COLLECTION / 2021 / 18” x 24"/ $500.00
Welcome to the BLACK & WHITE COLLECTION. During this challenging time of living through a pandemic, I found my creativity evaporating – it's hard to be inspired during such difficult times. But I created a project for myself: I would create a wall mural consisting of 12 - 16 individual black and white paintings. Each one created as time and mood permitted. I also challenged myself to use only black and white paint to see what I could create using only these 2 colors.
So far, it's fun and interesting…

MEMORY LANES - Why do I name my abstract paintings as I do? Sometimes it's something I see; sometimes it's something I feel. This piece makes me think of brains and thoughts and paths to travel…

MEMORY LANES / 18" x 24"

RHYTHM & BLUES / 2015 / 24" x 30" / $425.00
Texture, movement and blending of colors is what excites me most when I paint. There are so many things to touch and feel here. The chosen colors have come together to create unexpected visuals.

RHYTHM & BLUES / 30" x 24"

OBSTACLE OR OPPORTUNITY? / 2019 / 10" x 20" / $150.00
This work was created by me in my TOUCH THE ART TODAY! studio. My art is textured and made for touching which brings an element of surprise and fun to the creation. This work is heavily textured. This abstract work is all about the texture. In the centre is a mound of color and texture about an inch high… it cuts the piece in two. When something unexpected shows up on my canvas I can see it as an obstacle and try to get rid of it, or I can see it as an opportunity and embrace and incorporate it into the artwork. Very much like life, yes?